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Grants from Global Fund for Women

Kathy Levinson

As a coach and mentor, Kathy Levinson assists female and LGBTQ entrepreneurs & leaders with business strategy and strategic leadership for their organizations. Kathy Levinson actively supports various organizations committed to women and minorities, including Global Fund for Women.

Established in 1987, Global Fund for Women leverages powerful international networks to fund and promote the valuable work of women around the world. Through grassroots grant-making efforts, Global Fund for Women provides general funding as well as multiyear support for individuals and groups that work to create sustainable social change.
The organization funds women’s rights groups in more than 175 countries, supporting international groups that fight violence against women, work for economic justice, and advance the reproductive rights of women. Typically, funding helps local groups gain momentum by strengthening connections and providing training and resources. For more information about grants from Global Fund for Women, visit

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