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Planned Parenthood Hires New Vice President of Education

Kathy Levinson

A Stanford University graduate, Kathy Levinson is an experienced consultant and executive leadership professional who has worked at, and with, high-profile companies throughout the United States. Outside of her corporate work, she supports LGBTQ and women’s advocacy organizations, including Planned Parenthood.

In October 2018, Planned Parenthood (PP) announced the hiring of Dr. Sara C. Flowers, who will serve in the role of vice president of education. She comes to the position from her former role as director of youth initiatives at the Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC’s) Love Heals Center for Youth & Families. In her experience at this institution and others, Dr. Flowers has been at the forefront of developing innovative sex-education and leadership courses, among other educational initiatives, and will be involved in similar roles with Planned Parenthood.
Executive Vice President of Health Care Kim Custer says that the organization is “thrilled” to have Dr. Flowers on board. Custer goes on to say that the experience Dr. Flowers brings to the organization is an invaluable asset and will be of great benefit to PP’s educational initiatives.

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