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What Is the Lesbians Who Tech Organization?

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LGBT rights activist Kathy Levinson is the founder of the Lesbian Equity Foundation and a sought-after speaker for conferences that focus on the empowerment of women, as well as the development of leaders. In 2014, Kathy Levinson was a speaker at the first ever Lesbians Who Tech conference.
An organization comprised of LGBT women and friends who support them, Lesbians Who Tech aims to provide networking, business, and community resources to women in the LGBT community. The goals of the organization include making lesbian women in the workplace aware of networking connections, as well as making the presence of lesbian leaders better known to communities worldwide. The organization frequently hosts meet-ups for members in major American cities, including Los Angeles, New York City, Boston, Seattle and even the White House. Chapters also can be found in international cities such as Stockholm, Toronto, and Dublin.
In addition to hosting networking opportunities, the organization aims to improve the current ratio of females in the STEM fields. Women currently hold only 1 out of 15 jobs in the STEM sectors, and Lesbians Who Tech seeks to improve this number by providing female professionals with support and encouragement.                            
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